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These articles, provided by RRSW members, cover topics of history, restoration, maintenance and flying the Swift.

Stan Price looks back in time

Stan Price
In this series, Stan takes a historical perspective on te world of the Swift.

                                   Part 1: Did you know
                                   Part 2: Nov 1944 issue of Globe Beam
                                   Part 3: Dec 1945 issue of Aviation magazine
                                   Part 4: Monty the Answer Man from 1998

Tips from the Swift Instructor

Sam Swift
Sam Swift is an airline pilot, Swift owner and tailwheel instructor. Learn the tips that make Swift flying fun and safe.

                                   Systems Refresher - Landing Gear Extension
                                   Flying the Right Speeds
                                   Current, or proficient, which one?
                                   " Rudder, Rudder .... "
                                   Just How Far We Gonna Take This????
                                   From Where the Wind Blows ....

Resurrection of Swift N80844


Texas Swifter Larry LeForce, reports on what it takes to bring a basket case back to life. It's been 10 years in the making but N80844 will soon be flying again. Click for Part1 and Part2

Rebuilding & Restoring N3876K

Steve & Barb Wilson

Steve and Barb Wilson have owned a very original Swift for many years. In this article they tell the story of their journey to build a beautiful 210 HP Swift. Click for Part1, Part2 and Part3

Swift Take-off Technique

Steve Wilson

In this article, long time Swifter Steve Wilson discusses take-off technique in the "stock" Swift.

The story of N3351K and Hurricane Earl


In this article, Dan Harper shares with us the story of N3351K and the aftermath of Hurricane Earl and the long trek to Don Bartholomew's shop in Nevada.

North to Alaska, the trip of a lifetime - Marvin Homsley


In this article, Marvin Homsley writes of his 2011 experiences flying to Alaska.