thu mar 9, 2017

March Newsletter

Here is the latest RRSW news from our Editor, Todd Bengtson. Click here for the March Newsletter.

wed jun 15, 2016

Swift Nationals - 2016 - A "WOW" Experience - by Stan Price

The RRSW was again active with it's presence at the 2016 Swift Nationals. Our members were seen in all areas with regard to shirt sales, ticket sales, judging, formation flying, forums, and most any other activity imaginable. The theme this year was the 70th anniversary of the Swift and Paul Barnett put the exclamation point on this thought and gave over 70 airplane rides in his T-35 Buckaroo. What a guy.

Paul was also the recipient of our RRSW Gloria Warden award for the Love and Dedication to the Swift Community. Great job Paul. Continue reading here.

To see more of Stan's photos from Swift Nationals click here.

fri apr 17, 2015

Stan Price looks back in time - Part 3

Stan continues to delve into the past of Globe Aircraft and the Swift. Here are 2 pages from the December 1945 issue of Aviation (a precursor to Aviation Week and Space Technology). The first is an article on the upcoming Swift aircraft and provides a glimpse into the plans and hopes for the airplane. Of most interset is a forecast of sales of 4000 Swift airplanes in 1946. Sadly that wasn't to be. The second page shows an ad from Adel highlighting their hydraulic pump. Look familiar? And finally, part of Globe Aircraft history during the early 1940's was the production of the AT-10 shown here.

mon feb 24, 2014

Stan Price looks back in time - Part 2

Do you know what Globe Aircraft was doing 70 years ago? The following article was taken from a November 1944 Globe Beam (monthly Globe plant magazine). Continue ......

thu jan 16, 2014

Stan Price looks back in time - Part 1

Did you know about the Globe thoughts for a GC-2, GC-3, and Four Place (Possibly the GC-4) aircraft? The following advertisement/information sheet came from the John Clay Kennedy files and is from a 1941 publication. From the document the GC-1 will have a Continental A-80, the GC-2 will have a Franklin 90 HP engine, and the GC-3 will have a 100 HP engine. The four-place concept (possibly called the GC-4) would be introduced much later. Continue ......